Why does samsung use exynos in india

Exynos is formed by Samsung and Samsung has large research and development factories. Even snapdragon take help of Samsung to form best processors.

Exynos is way cheaper than snapdragon processors which way samsung making lot more profit. Secondly they developed Exynos consistent with their software requirement that never happened with snapdragon.

Why does samsung use exynos in india ?

In india and Asia region people hardly concentrate to inside configuration of device. they’re going to buy samsung even when Samsung will use Mediatek low performance processors

Common People are more likely hooked in to brand popularity instead of inside configuration expect for a few Techy People.

I think, it’s something to try to to with the availability . Samsung is definitely the most important manufacturer of smartphones within the world by volume, and making chips to satisfy Samsung’s demands could easily be the only focus of a chip-maker.

The second reason is that the Exynos is there own chipset and helps in cost-cutting while importing a chipset may cost them tons.

Both has its own advantages, supported generation. As for why Samsung want to seem Into Good performance Qualcomm chipsets(notice Samsung skipped Snapdragon 810 series completely thanks to thermal issues) is business($ for each Qualcomm SoC) and to know Qualcomm’s technology.

Understanding your competitor’s architecture gives you a good idea of their vision ahead.

Samsung Always used standard Arm cores, Graphic cores etc. Take app CPU Case, its standard bigLITTLE ones in latest series for Sammy. But Qualcomm uses custom design supported ARM instruktion set. Older generation Krait cores, latest Kyro cores etc… Now there’s modem, dsp, graphic cores etc also during a mobile SoC.

Qualcomm does tons of R&D, like Apple with custom cores to take advantage of the reach each subsystem while keeping power consumption in restraint . i think Samsung is More sort of a integration house. Note – galaxy 7 series has Mongoose cores in higher cluster, in order that they also started tweaking, in std configuration.

It’s not just good to perform in benchmarks….. and Samsung knows it alright.

Why Exynos is not used by Samsung in the U.S. market ?

Exynos processors are good and also are powerful. But they’re not balanced and nearly as good because the Snapdragon processors.

Why Exynos isn’t employed by Samsung within the U.S. market ?
Exynos processors are just powerful and don’t use power efficient technology so it may result in heating of phone on extreme heavy usage, the flagship mobiles of Samsung have much higher and developed Exynos processors.

But Qualcomm Snapdragon manufactures processors which are both powerful and power efficient, which makes them more popular and trusted processor in market. Many brands are commonly using Snapdragon processors in their both midrange and flagship phones. For eg OnePlus, Redmi, Motorola, Lenovo, Nokia, etc.

Coming to Exynos processors….. they’re not fast as Snapdragon processors. we will clearly see the difference between Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895(Both are flagship processors)…..that Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 features a clock speed of two .45Ghz and Exynos 8895 has of two .3Ghz.

Also the Snapdragon 835 is powered by Adreno’s latest GPU i.e.540 and Exynos 8895 is powered by Mali’s GPU-G-71.As we all know Adreno’s GPU are latest and powerful which may give more faster experience in gaming and heavy usage.

So the conclusion is Snapdragon processors are better than Exynos processors. That’s why Samsung should have continued to use Snapdragon chips in US.

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