Paypal account in Nepal|how to create paypal account in Nepal

Paypal account in Nepal

Paypal is the faster and easy way to send and receive funds all over the world. It is supported in most of the countries worldwide. Moreover you can purchase products from famous website like Amazon, ebay, Flipkart and many more. Also it will be best one to receive funds to your account if you are a freelancer and has been working in Upwork, Fiverr or somewhere else.

How to create Paypal account in Nepal ? Is PayPal available in Nepal ?

Here the real question is “Is PayPal available in Nepal ?” Actually PayPal is not Available in Nepal though You can create account PayPal account simply by visiting their sign up page.

You can create your paypal account from Nepal without any issue. The problem is you cannot accept payment on your PayPal account. You can spend though. There is no way that Fund will be automatically generated in your account, so there is no use.

But don’t worry there are still some alternatives to get PayPal account in Nepal and have your payments done.

1st Alternative:

If you have got any relatives or friends having resident on USA ask them to create PayPal account for you under their information.

Easy steps you can follow and keep in Mind :

  1. First of all you need is a trusted Person in the USA.
  2. you will be creating your account under that particular person, so trusted person is must.
  3. You account will be fully manage by that particular Person.
  4. Now, you can also apply for Master Card or PayPal, and which will be delivered to them at 1st, and then they will send it to you in Nepal.
  5. Finally, you can have access to your PayPal account.

2nd Alternative:

You can use Payoneer. and which is supported in Nepal and you can also apply for Mastercard and it be directly delivered to you nearby post office in Nepal.

Firstly Visit to Payoneer site, create a account for yourself and ask someone to transfer $30 so, that you can order Mastercard.  You can buy Payoneer balance in Nepal through different sellers who are active in Facebook groups, pages, online Workers in Nepal or you relatives or friend residing on USA. Simply ask them to send Payoneer balance to your’s account.

Use the account Enjoy! Now, you can now make payments through Payoneer worldwide like you can do do as like in PayPal.

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