Best online shopping sites in Nepal Checklist [2020]

Best online shopping site
Best online shopping site

Back In 2019, Online shopping was different and it’s now 2020 and A lot of things has been changed for instant so you’ll definitely like to hear about the Best online shopping sites in Nepal checklist to enhance your shopping experience we have made this comprehensive checklist so that you would have clear vision about what your online shopping so be with us.

Nepal is rapidly being progressing in the field of technology the market trends are not same as the past, Everyday entrepreneur is tossing their ideas on every time there is a new competitor in the market but some of them only can rule the market knowing the public’s trust and service they want..

So even if you Google ‘online shopping in Nepal’ right now you’ll get thousands of results based on SEO and ratings and all but you’ll trouble time on choosing one particular site so we have done this for you so here is the best online shopping sites in Nepal checklist based on our research and people’s review.


Daraz logo

No doubt that Daraz is a leading online shopping site in Nepal and that’s why Daraz ranks on 1st in our listing.

Talking about Daraz history it was founded back in 2012 by a fashion retailer in Pakistan and with varying market strategies Daraz was launched in Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Pakistan. Later Daraz acquired Kaymu, a consumer-to-consumer online marketplace in South Asia, After that, it started its operations on Nepal and China.

In May 2018, Daraz Group was acquired by Alibaba Group Now Daraz Group’s is in around five Countries (Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka )

Daraz has more than 2.5 millions products to offer and In Nepal, Daraz has been leading online shopping site for providing a wide range of products from different categories like Electronic devices, Electronic Accessories, Men’s fashion, women’s, beauty products Fashion, Babies&toys, Accessories, sports equipment, Automotive & Motorbike, groceries, and general products.

Daraz also take care of their customer offering them a good service and features like Digital Payment, Cash on delivery, order tracking,
Return and Refund, support and sell on Daraz feature where shopkeeper and the different business holder can sell their products online on Daraz.

But in recent days in 2020 Daraz has loosed a lot of people’s trust due to its bad review on its 11:11 sale I m not telling Daraz is bad or something it’s based on public review

But you’re definitely gonna try Daraz they are doing a great job for a long time so we can’t lose hope on that


sastodeal logo

Trust me they are doing a great job these days, As its name, ‘Sasto’ which means cheap and ‘deal’ means some kind of offer Sastodeal has also come off with great products with the best value of money products price as it’s slogan genuine products.

Sastodeal has grasped the market with it’s day to day service and brutal level of marketing. they are also keeping their site up to date recently Sastodeal was updated with Sastodeal 2.0 with latest features for their customer and this amazing platform Sastodeal was founded by Arun Thapa who is currently CEO and founder of Sastodeal

Sastodeal has got a wide range of products to offer from clothing, jewelry, and other beauty products, kids products, Accessories, electronic products, appliances and more…

If you want a good online shopping experience you’ll like to go for Sastodeal.


thulo logo

Thulo is one of Nepal’s largest online shopping supermarket where you can shop for a wide range of products with free home delivery. They have lots of categories to look out like Men’s fashion, women’s fashion, fashion accessories, kids and baby products, personal care, home, and kitchen appliances, furniture, electronics, liquors and beverages, gifts cakes flowers, sports outdoor and more.

You can also download their app for Android/ios platform through which you can shop with your smartphone anytime anywhere, it has also got it’s through which you can receive or send funds and also can earn reward points!

4) Smartdoko

smart doko logo

Smartdoko is an amazing online shopping destination in Nepal offering a wide range of products where the customers can enjoy the purchase of lots of products and it’s just one click away from you.

Though being new to the e-commerce industry Smartdoko has grown rapidly in recent years The Strategies used by SmartDoko is grabbing the market unbeatable prices, fast delivery, high level of customer support, reward points, reliability, integrated marketing, and a wide selection of latest products and services and strong distribution channels tells that Smartdoko has a lot to offer and also last but not less you will be receiving reward or earning points on every purchase.

In SmartDoko you can buy a wide range of products from different categories like mobile phones, tablet, men’s fashion, women fashion, kids wear, electronics appliances

The most important thing that I wanna mention is about my own experience that if you want to buy electronic gadgets or accessories you must visit this site and give a try once coz once I wanted to buy wireless buds then I found it exclusively at SmartDoko really appreciate on that.


Nepbay is a more than an Online Shopping Site in Nepal that has been serving the Nepali market since a long time Nepbay is a platform where you can both buy or sell your products it gives dedicated panels for Buyers and sellers through which they can buy or sell online.

Nepbay comes with a wide range of product categories like Men, Women, Kids, Electronics, Home Appliances, Gadgets, Kitchen Appliances and many more.

According to Nepbay “With 100s of Shops selling 25,000+ products in 700+ categories across Nepal NepBay is truly an ultimate marketplace for Nepali businesses and entrepreneurs “

Looking towards the history of Nepbay Back in 2007 it was started as an online directory of shops in Kathmandu valley and with constant growth and demands results to the transformation of Nepbay to people’s marketplace

Now Nepbay serves more than 5000+ business and entrepreneur in Nepal Nepbay was the one who introduced cash on delivery (COD) system in Nepal which went as a great success in the year 2014 and 2015

For Buyers, Nepbay provides world-class products and for the seller, they provide tools and platform to sell online without any selling fee or commission.


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